Get to market quickly and effectively.

We manage
the "insure" part
of your insurtech.

The US insurance industry is complex and highly regulated, with at least 51 different sets of state rules, regulations, costs and requirements.

We help digital innovators navigate this analog world so they can offer their insurance products to customers anywhere in America.

With our credentials, connections and capabilities, we provide an outsourced solution that gets businesses like yours to market quickly and in compliance with the regulatory requirements of insurance distribution.

Our Experience

About Us

Merlinio Insurance Services provides a turnkey distribution solution for insurtech companies and insurance product innovators.

With licenses in all 50 states and Washington, DC, Merlino eliminates the need for you to establish and maintain agency licenses, get mired in the arcane technicalities of carrier and insurance compliance, manage day-to-day carrier relationships, and more…

Merlinio has deep experience in technology, embedded insurance, startups, and the insurance industry.  Guided by Jon Ansell, a founder/co-founder and former CEO of insurance, broker, digital merchandising, and technology companies.

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